Looking for a person who suits your interest and trying to have a date with the person might be dependent on what you may have thought about the person, especially if the person was from an online dating network but, no matter how difficult it could be you can just figure things out as you experience.

It shouldn’t be a matter of debate on if they do and don’ts of relationship should be taught in schools because today things are going to get a whole lot better for the youth if they could understand how relationship truly works and what to do to maintain one if they get involved. The reason why I think a relationship should be taught in school is that the teenagers of today on choosing a partner just go out with whom they like, begin a relationship with that person and end up making regrettable actions at the end.

Truth is they don’t get good ideas at what relationship is a all about since, most of them are shy or timid about asking their parents or elders about what relationship is, instead they seek counsels from their friends who have no experience and end up following the wrong advice and making the wrong decisions at the end which leads to regrettable actions on their part, which leads to an unsuccessful relationship.

In here I have listed some advice which needs to be adhered to, if you as a youth want to go into a relationship with that individual you like, in this article, I am going to explain to you what to look out for in a relationship and what to accept and reject:


If the partner you wish to be involved in flirts with other people and still maintains that you are the only one he/she still loves, this is an acceptable situation but it might also mean the person is not being very honest with you. The partner overly demands of you and has nothing to offer you but still, the person maintains a good relationship with you, it’s very acceptable but also be conscious of the fact that that person may either be lazy or stingy and so, you should address such matter accordingly.

If the partner is reluctant in communicating to you about important things like birth control. Communication is a very vital aspect of a relationship and so, when the partner refuses to communicate properly about future plans for the relationship, this is acceptable since it may just be a matter of time before the person opens up, but still it is advised you look out for solutions to this problem.

If the person tells you or maintains the attitude of telling you nobody would want you and only him know you, reject him/her immediately, they would cause damage to your self-esteem if continued with them. If the person would not respect your decisions about sexual intimacy, then reject the person the person is only after your body and not about your personality.

The person doesn’t keep his/her words and he cannot be trusted easily, reject the person, he could put you in a lot of danger someday.